27th February 2020

The Keys to Lower Inventory Costs

Managing inventory is among the most critical tasks of an ecommerce company. Poorly managed, inventory costs can escalate, and profits erode. In this post, I’ll review […]
27th February 2020

Reset in the Direct-to-consumer Market

Direct-to-consumer brands were stars from 2018 through mid-2019. The storyline was that they were flawlessly executing while brick-and-mortar retailers were flailing. Now weaknesses in the DTC […]
26th February 2020

6 Ways Geography Impacts Ecommerce Conversions

Merchants are typically aware of the states or countries where their customers reside. But merchants don’t often consider adding those geographic variables to their marketing campaigns. […]
25th February 2020

Tips on Writing from 4,700 Articles, 24 Years of Journalism

The sort of blog posts, whitepapers, and articles that will attract and engage your business’s potential customers is often the result of a process. Certainly there […]
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