9th July 2020

3 Ways to Scale Ecommerce with Data

Scaling an ecommerce business requires insights into the market, consumers, and products. In this post, I’ll address each aspect and how data can help. The Market […]
8th July 2020

Understanding Core Web Vitals for SEO

On rare occasions Google provides expectations of upcoming algorithm changes. For example, we were alerted to Google’s mobile-first index change and, also, the factoring of SSL […]
8th July 2020

Drag-and-drop Ecommerce Tools Are on the Rise

Drag-and-drop software tools from Shogun, BigCommerce, and Wix are examples of services that help non-technical users build attractive online stores. Ecommerce platforms are more or less […]
7th July 2020

Using Google Analytics to Track Site Changes

The ability to measure changes to pricing, shipping, and other items is essential to successful ecommerce merchants. Google Analytics has features to document and track changes […]
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